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I had an interesting conversation with my junior high class last week about self-esteem and money. One student in particular argued vehemently that having nice things gives you high self-esteem. We (the whole class and I) talked about it, and I tried to reframe things for them. It’s different than what they’re exposed to in their daily lives — I understand that — and living in a poor neighborhood, their ideas of what life might be like if they had money is in some ways different than what we might think our lives would be like if we had more money … While I’m not sure I swayed that one student’s opinion, I’m hoping that one or two kids in there took something from the tangent that will help them to lead a better life.

I did quote this first article in the conversation…

Sensuous Value is the Worst Kind from Consumerism Commentary: It’s easy to say that “rich people” (who are always people richer than we are, regardless of how rich we are…) shouldn’t spend their money on such frivolous things … but they aren’t the only ones who spend frivolously.

Breaking up with a cable company is hard to do from Squawkfox: An entertaining and useful guide to cutting the cord with cable.

7 Habits That Simplify and Relaxify My Workday from The Positivity Blog: You can do it, too, and it will take some getting used to, but it will be worth it.

(How did we get on the topic of money in band class? We were talking about the history of hip hop, which brought us to current themes in hip hop music — money, stuff, women. So it wasn’t entirely out of nowhere or entirely off track…)

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