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I am what I eat … right?

When I started this little adventure, I was meticulously counting my calories, fats, sodium, carbs, and proteins. I measured every piece of meat, every cup of rice, down to how many ounces were in my tall, soy, no‐whip, extra hot, peppermint mocha from Starbucks. I have been experimenting with less calorie counting and more judgement calls on my food. Which gave me nothing to obsess about, until now!

Ingredients! What my food is made of, what it is grown with, who makes it, and what the hell is lactic acid esters? (It’s an ingredient of Butterfinger, which I love and miss dearly.)

I am doing my best on educating myself on the kinds of ingredients my food should have. Everything I have learned basically boils down to being able to read what is on the ingredients list. Now, I am definitely not over the edge about this — at least not yet — but I am on the fast track.

I currently live with my parents (that is for another post – maybe) and as part of my rental agreement, I do the grocery shopping and I do the cooking. This is a great thing for me. My family, and I think my mom will cop to this, has never made healthy eating a priority. Our idea of a healthy meal was Shake‐N‐Bake pork chops, green beans from a can, and some applesauce from a jar. I’ve learned to modify that. We still eat pork chops, but they are baked. Instead of applesauce from a jar, I’ll make baked apples.

And we still eat green beans. Yes, the green beans come from a can but in my defense, I have a thing about French‐cut and regular‐cut green beans. I only like French‐cut and I haven’t found any fresh, French‐cut green beans. Say what you will; we all have our things.

I am trying really hard to only make/buy/eat things with ingredients I can pronounce. I don’t eat fast food anymore. I hopefully never will again. Ask my sisters. We tried to eat Grimaldi’s a few weeks ago and couldn’t get in. We wound up at Chick‐Fil‐A. The weirdest part was that it was my suggestion and it was so automatic, I freaked myself out. I hadn’t thought a thing about Chick‐Fil‐A in ages!

Anyway, I ate it and my digestive system was PISSED! So were my newly formed grey matter connections (also for another post – which is to be my masterpiece).

I like to get off topic a lot … has anyone else noticed that? Verbal ADD.

But back to my point. I am really trying this whole natural and healthy thing. I’m still working on the artificial sweetener. I don’t use anything with aspartame (thanks, Skinny B*%&!) and while I don’t eat fast food, I do throw in a Chipotle and Subway on occasion. I allow myself a little leeway with the restaurant thing. I did go some kind of nutso at Cheesecake Factory the other day but trust me, it was so worth it. I might blame my current flu on that quesadilla.

What do you all do to cut out that crappy stuff we shouldn’t be eating? (Before you suggest throwing out the meat, I’m all carnivore. Well, I’m all omnivore.)


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  1. Posted by Trisha on 9 February 2011 at 11:17

    Another fabulous post! Like you, I read… a lot! And i talk to other like-minded individuals going through the same thing and exchange food suggestions. You never know, someone may give you a recommendation for the healthy version of Butterfinger. Mmmmmm. Keep up the great work! And stop blaming the flu on everything, what will you do when it’s gone? 🙂

  2. Posted by Jose Vega on 13 February 2011 at 20:50

    Nicole, Good reading from you. I see you still have your sense of humor… some things don’t change. Glad to read about your accomplishments.

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