Welcome, Get Rich Slowly readers!

Today, I am honored to be the “Reader Story” at Get Rich Slowly, a blog that I very much enjoy reading and highly recommend to anyone interested at all in improving personal finance.

If you’re new here to Change Is Possible and start poking around, you’ll see that I don’t care for BPA or high fructose corn syrup; I believe changing what is normal, changing how you think, and creating pain will change your life; I am a big believer that your mind is your best friend (and worst enemy) and that we need to lead change, not whine for it.

With that, here is today’s installment of “other people’s handiwork” — my Sunday collection of links from around the web. Most of what I saw this week was resolution-based content. Looking forward to content diversifying again!

Is It Food? [Flowchart] from The Huffington Post

Do’s and Don’ts for New Year Fitness from active.com

50 Easy Steps to a Complete Financial Makeover from USnews.com

Underachievement and the All-or-Nothing Mindset from Get Rich Slowly

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