your genes aren’t to blame…

I read this fascinating article about genes, and why they aren’t to blame for your body size.

Basically, what you eat is the most important piece of the puzzle. We knew this already, no?

But it’s not all the usual suspects. Of course, eating a high-sugar or high-fat diet is not going to do good things for your body.

Various environmental factors, including but not limited to food, “are switches that turn genes on and off and determine which proteins are expressed. The expressed proteins, in turn, trigger signals of disease or health.”

So it’s not necessarily which genes you have, but rather which genes you turn on, that is the key.

Not only do you change your DNA, but these changes can be passed down to your children. WOW!

Another piece of the article that highlighted something I knew but had forgotten was the importance of microorganisms.

There is a ton of bacteria living in your gut. You need it. It makes you healthy. But if you don’t take care of your gut, and if you use a lot of antibiotics (including meat/dairy that was given antibiotics) or if you use anti-bacterial products, you’re messing with the bacteria in your gut.

Many people hope against hope (and will continue to do so, long after the evidence against is solid) that their genes are responsible for their shape. “Look at my family — they’re all overweight!” If it’s their genes’ fault, then there’s nothing they can do about it, and they can continue on their path guilt-free.

Fortunately, it’s not our genes’ fault, which means that we have the power to change. Change is possible!

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