give it up for Nichol!

As I mentioned in my changes for 2011 post, each Wednesday, Nichol is going to post about some part of her current journey.  I have known Nichol for about five years; watching her recent metamorphosis has been amazing, and I think you’ll get a lot out of things she has to say.

I thought she would be a great person to have on board because she is in the process of change, which for some people, is more motivational than someone who has already done it and is in a “maintenance” phase.

Also, as a side note: my name is Heather; my nickname is Heat. So when she refers to Heat, that’s me 🙂

Without further ado: Nichol!

Hey! Long time no see! I was really excited and flattered when Heather asked me to contribute to her blog. I have no idea what I am going to write about once a week, but I can ramble my way out of pretty much anything, so I shouldn’t run out of things to say. And I’m not quite sure where these little ramblings are going to take us yet, but hopefully we will figure it out together. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, I will gladly take them.

We haven’t talked much since October, so here’s a little update, before we get to the meat and potatoes (or veggie burger and potatoes) of today’s post.

Since October, I have completed my first 5K, brought my weight loss to 42.3 lbs and lost another pant size, bought A LOT of new clothes, and struggled through my first plateau. That was hard. The old Nichol would have just given up and had some McNuggets, but the new Nichol worked to recognize that I was suffering a serious lack of motivation. I am back in the saddle though, and ready to rock.

The New Year brought an interesting question to mind though. I was not really considering a resolution, because I didn’t know what to resolve to do. My goal in 2010 was to be happy, and I feel like I have never been happier. I don’t go skipping around town all day long (usually), but I don’t hate waking up in the morning, I don’t hate going to work, I don’t hate how I feel or how I look. But things could always be better, right? So that brought me to my resolution.

A budget! Let’s be financially healthy. And for those of you who are reading this and know me well, know that I love to shop! I have more shoes than will ever be necessary, more bags than Dillard’s, and no money. OK, well, I have money, but not as much as I did back in May when I was still making (don’t laugh teachers) good money. Yes, the money I made as a teacher was good compared to what I am making now, so what better time than the new year to put myself on a budget and build my savings back up to where it was before a new car down payment and a lengthy unemployment.

I went through a lot of different websites and looked at a variety of different software things, including a number of iPhone/iPad apps, and they were all so complicated. Of course, I talk to Heat about it. And of course, what she does is exactly what I was looking for all along! So I asked to steal her system and now I’m pretty sure that at some point I will have to tattoo “Molded by Heat” somewhere on my body.

So my resolution this year is to be healthy. That’s it. Be healthy in mind, body, spirit, and checking account.

What’s yours?


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  1. Posted by Trisha on 5 January 2011 at 18:41

    I want to be healthy in all those places too and need a lot of help with the financial piece. What’s your secret?!?!?!

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