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Happy 2011! Are you keeping up with your resolutions, or have you already decided that “I’ll start on Monday”?

Well, I had a few weeks where I didn’t do much reading. I’m sharing from the new stuff and the stuff that’s by now a few weeks old, which means there are some tips for holidays in here. But they were good enough that I thought they warranted sharing anyway.

A Non-Consumer Christmas: Simple Gifts for Kids and Grown-Ups from Get Rich Slowly: Sierra, the author, was part of an agreement to buy nothing new for a year. She talks about Christmas shopping while in this agreement.

How to Minimize Stress During the Holidays from The Positivity Blog: Title pretty well sums it up…

Stopping a Binge with Music from A Weight Lifted: Using music to change one’s mood to stave off a (mood-induced) binge.

A magic pill (guest post) from MizFit Online: A great story of change!

Does Your Spending Match Your Values? from Get Rich Slowly: What many people say is important and what they spend their money on don’t match.

4 Reasons Your Resolutions Fail — And How To Overcome Them from Canadian Finance Blog: The last three paragraphs of the introduction were the part of this post that intrigued me. I like the concept of making it your story.

Willpower Vs. Willingness from MizFit Online: A thought-provoking question on how you look at making healthy choices/changes (video).

My $132,683 Comcast Bill from Get Rich Slowly: Another way of looking at how much you spend to watch television.

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