other people’s handiwork

I hope everyone’s weekend has been at least pleasant, if not fabulous. I admit that I am a bit relieved that Christmas is over — so much hype in so many arenas, so much Too Much — too much stuff, too much food, too much alcohol, too much stress, too much to do. I believe it is possible to have an amazing holiday without the excess … but for now, I am in the minority.

Stepping off the soapbox … the three links today are all really quite good. I hope you like them 🙂

Get Motivated! 11 Ideas That Really Work from No Meat Athlete: A different-than-the-usual-fare list of suggestions to help you get motivated to be up and moving, or moving more, or moving faster, depending on where you are right now. Do any of these look like they’ll work for you?

Treat Yourself Like A Toddler from The Happiness Project: A short post with a brilliant way to make sure that you take care of yourself.

Easy Holiday Planning from A Weight Lifted: Actually, the bulk of this post is good advice for year-round self-care.

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