what do you remember about Christmas?

Think about Christmases gone by. Think about when you were a little kid, when you were an older kid, as you finished school, possibly college, got to be working, maybe got married and/or had kids.

What do you remember about your holidays?

How many gifts did you receive? How many do you remember?

How many gifts did you give? How many do you remember?

How many people have you spent the holidays with?

Which is more important?

Sure, kids like to open gifts at Christmas, but family traditions, days that are genuinely filled with joy, fun, laughter, and goodness are so much better than days that are filled with packages.

If you had the choice of either letting your kids/spouse/whomever have whatever stuff they wanted OR spending the holidays with them, which would you choose?

Is the one that you would choose the one that you’re spending your effort on?

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