other people’s handiwork

Happy Sunday! The Big Man and I had a nice few days in southern California with most of his family. Fun people, good food 🙂 It made me happy that most of the 20 people who we had dinner with didn’t stuff themselves to discomfort. How did you do?

27 Things Your Training Partner Won’t Tell You from No Meat Athlete: This list made me laugh out loud. There are some funny tips, some useful tips, and some “I wish other people would heed this list” tips. Not only for people who train with a partner.

A modern thanksgiving from Seth’s Blog: Short and excellent. Read it.

Eight Tips for Dealing with Difficult Relatives over the Holidays from The Happiness Project: OK, these are a little late for this holiday, but they’re useful for future holidays … and some are useful for meetings at work or other places where you might have to socialize with people you wouldn’t choose to.

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