Thanksgiving and food

“I’m going to fast all day so I can pig out at Thanksgiving dinner.”

If it’s not you, it’s someone you know.

Why do we want to eat until we’re uncomfortable or sick on Thanksgiving?

The food is delicious! It only happens once a year! But it is possible to thoroughly enjoy the meal without disrespecting your body.

Eat mindfully.

If you take only a few bites of everything available, your plate will still be full.

Take a bite on your fork. Look at it, smell it, then put it in your mouth.

Notice it while it’s in your mouth ā€” how it feels, how it tastes. (In the mean time, put down your fork.)

Chew it a few extra times before you swallow.

Then pick up your fork again and repeat the process with another bite.

If you do this, you will be one of the last people eating at the table, and you will have eaten less food. You will have savored it all. You won’t need to adjust your belt.

It works with dessert, too. Especially if there are three kinds of pies and you want to sample all of them.

The key is “sample.” Take a piece big enough for only a few forkfuls (two or three ā€” your taste buds burn out after that anyway). Repeat the same process as with the meal.

And finally, please, when you’re full, stop eating! Your brain is about 20 minutes behind in letting you know that you’re full, so if you start to feel full and you’re still eating, in about 20 minutes, you’re going to be uncomfortable. Stop eating.

Full before dessert? Either wait a few hours before you have your pie, or ask if you can put some aside to take home. Are leftovers ever lacking?

There’s your plan ā€” it’s all set out for you. Now you just need to do it šŸ™‚

Oh, and as an aside, it’s not a good idea to starve yourself before the meal. Eat breakfast.

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