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It is much easier to change when you are in an environment that supports who you want to be.

I consider “environment” to include the space you’re in and the people you’re with.

If you are looking to make healthy changes to your eating habits and your pantry is full of chips and cookies, it’s going to be really hard for those changes to take hold. There have been many days when the only thing that stopped me from having a few cookies was the fact that there aren’t any cookies here.

Likewise, if you’re looking to make healthy changes to your eating habits and there are no fruits or veggies in arm’s reach, it’s still going to be hard. We have a variety of both fresh and frozen here. (We’ve mostly stayed away from canned, partially because canned veggies just don’t taste as good, and partially because canned goods are a significant source of BPA.)

Using the same example, if I am looking to make healthy changes to my eating habits and The Big Man kept bringing me “treats,” the road is going to be much harder (now there’s an obligatory component attached because it’s a gift) than if he supported my efforts and recognized/respected that ice cream is no longer a good “thinking of you” treat.  (Fortunately, he does!)

When I want vegetables and he wants pizza for a dinner out, we go to a local pizza place that has an amazing strawberry spinach salad so we can both get what we want.

If you’re alone in your social circle, see if you can find a group — OA, a running club, some people at the gym, a group online — so you have support and like-minded people somewhere in your life.

Imagine how much simpler it would be to eat well and exercise regularly if your house was stocked with a variety of healthy, tasty food; the others in your house were all on board; your friends were exercisers and healthy eaters. The more of it you are surrounded by, the easier it is.

Oh — and be the support you would like to have if someone you know is trying. “One cookie won’t hurt” or “You’re already too skinny!” or “Just skip the gym today” don’t help…

My last thought on this has more to do with interior environment. Read a lot. Blogs, magazines, books, whatever. Find sources that are about either what you’re trying to do or where you’re trying to be. I started reading finance blogs five or six years ago. My current financial mindset is vastly different than it was at that time. I didn’t decide I was going to make big changes in how I spent money — it happened in tiny bits over time. I attribute that to the reading that I’ve been doing on a near-daily basis for years.

What helps you to make positive changes in your life? Or what do you need to get rid of?


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  1. Sometimes I feel like you are writing directly to me! Seriously. My sweetheart and I share a love of food, and he knows a little “treat” will likely always cheer me up or make me know he’s thinking of me. Those are usually reese’s peanut butter cups, or some other weakness like potato chips with sour cream and onion dip!

    The best thing I can say for us is that he has also been reading health blogs, and FINALLY decided he wants our family to go raw for one day out of the week. This is HUGE for us, as I used to do a raw diet years ago when the kids were still young.

    I am totally excited he is starting to get on board with it – now we just need to designate one day RAW day, and enforce it together.

    Positive changes are easier to make when you are enjoying them with someone else. It makes it feel less like you are giving something up, and more like you are gaining (which you are) when something else positive (like conversation, smiles, etc) is going on.

  2. I love how you framed it all in that last paragraph!

    Good luck going 1/7 raw!

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