I’m going cold turkey

With the recent onslaught of birthday treats, I’m a combination of sugar-ed out and craving it.

Several years ago, I went two months without eating sweets (I was on 1400 cal/day – no room for sweets!) and by the end of that time, I didn’t crave them any more, could eat one cookie and not want the rest of the box, etc. It was quite amazing.

So the plan right now is to do at least two weeks and then check in with myself and see how it’s going. Do another week after as needed, and just keep going until I’m feeling healthy with regards to sugar. Not counting calories – just eliminating sugar and sugar substitutes. Desserts, granola bars, most cereals, etc.

I know already that the rest of this week will be difficult, and then it will be OK. Husband and close friends have been or will be notified so that I don’t get invitations for ice cream outings. It’s cool enough in the evenings now that we could do coffee/tea instead. (I drink my tea black.)

Anyone want to join me? Doesn’t need to be sweets. Could be adding in something rather than taking something away (i.e. I want to walk for 20 minutes every morning before work). Hit me up in the comments or e-mail me at heather at secondchancefit dot com.


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  1. I would like to add exercise back into my daily routine. Being in grad school has not helped the situation any. I can sit and study for hours on end, yet came to school in great shape. I don’t want to leave in worse shape than when I started! So adding at least 30 minutes a day is mine. 🙂

    • Souds great! Good luck! I bet if you put the 30 minutes in the midst of studying, your studying would go better (or 15 minutes and 15 minutes).

  2. Yes, I want to join you! It’s a hard time of year with holidays and many birthdays in my family. Maybe I can be sugar free except for celebrations….but honestly I know for my sugar addicted self it’s kind of all or nothing with the stuff.

    • If you don’t eat any at all for a long time (a few months), is it still all-or-nothing? Have you ever gone that long?

      I figure that by the time Thanksgiving rolls around, I should be in good shape and can have a piece of pie and not need to have another and another the next day and so on. Halloween isn’t a big deal here, since we don’t have kids, there’s no trick-or-treating and subsequently no candy around the house. I have some for trick-or-treaters, but I don’t like it 🙂

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