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Today’s post is from Nichol. She was a coworker of mine and is now both a friend and a training client. I asked her if she would write her story as inspiration for anyone reading who hasn’t quite gotten off of the couch yet … or who got up and sat back down 😉 I’ll make sure she sees any fabulous feedback you leave for her, so please do!

Without further ado, here’s Nichol:

I’ve never been much for healthy food… or exercise… or water. I know how bad fast food is. I know how bad being physically stagnant is. The problem was it feels so good to lie on the couch and it feels so good to eat Chicken McNuggets and fries, washed down with an extra large diet coke.

I needed to change things. I was changing everything else about my life, why wasn’t I willing to change my health?

I used to think that all the time. I’m going to change and eat better and exercise, but, wait! I’ll start Sunday. I’ll start after the holidays. I don’t have time to cook or measure my food or count my calories or exercise or shop for good food, so it’s pointless. I made some half-hearted gestures starting around January, which equaled to going to boot camp, Zumba, and training with Heather a few times and then blowing it off later.

In July I weighed —. I’m still not comfortable saying my starting weight. Maybe that will go away with time, maybe not, but back to my story. One night, I ate a ridiculous amount of food and I was absolutely disgusted with myself. I knew that right then and there, I was done. The bottom-line for me it this: I don’t want to die because I don’t want to stop eating and get off the couch.

So I am changing. I gave up fast food. I gave up soda. I gave up mayo (!). I cook, count calories, and measure my food. I typically only drink water, with two cups of coffee in the morning (totally necessary) and an occasional Starbucks. Now my Starbucks is a tall with soymilk and no whipped cream. I eat vegetables — a lot of vegetables. I eat a lot of fruit and lean meats. I very rarely eat red meats, pasta, or bread. I exercise. I exercised so much one week, that Heather told me I should take a day off!

When I started, I couldn’t jog more than 40 seconds at a time. As of this week, I can jog 5 minutes in a row, WITHOUT STOPPING! I grinned the whole time I was running because of that. People probably thought I was insane. I can power walk 3.5 miles, WITHOUT STOPPING. That may be because I get fro-yo at the end of the walk, but whatever. I’m doing a 5K at the end of this month, running/walking proudly with the Second Chance FitCenter team (you should join us). I have lost 30 pounds, and almost two pant sizes. It’s a slow process, but I can see the changes in my body. Butt firmer! Arm muscles! Calf muscles! Less back fat! It is a hard road and I do get discouraged, but I keep reminding myself that I can do it.

Change IS possible. I’m proof.


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  1. Posted by Michelle on 12 October 2010 at 08:13

    FABULOUS! Love it – all it takes is making a single change. That tends to lead to others. Glad you are on board, and working with Heather. She’s amazing, isn’t she? And, please find me on the day of the Undy – I want to be able to tell you in person what an inspiration you are!

  2. Posted by Dana on 12 October 2010 at 13:38

    Nichol, I am very proud of you! I have been watching/lurking your changes on fb and twitter and you are right. Change is possible. It seemed to me that you did a little here and a little there and it looks like that made a huge difference. I am 5 pounds under my pre-pregnancy weight and I can’t wait to get moving with you guys. You definitely are an inspiration to me also.

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