oncology and me

A personal post here, late on a Friday…

I had an appointment with my oncologist this afternoon. I see him once every 4 months for check-ups.  To be prepared for said appointments, I get blood drawn and have a chest X-ray. As long as both are normal, I don’t need to have other more radioactive scans (CT, PET). (Added bonus: no IV with an X-ray!)

Historically, appointments have made me nervous, even when I wasn’t worried about the test results, but I was not nervous for today’s appointment. I consider this to be progress 🙂

My blood work was good; my X-ray was good; my next appointment is in 4 months. Between now and then, I pass the three-year mark, which means I graduate to an appointment every 6 months 🙂

I read about three different friends of friends/acquaintances who have died in the last week or so as a result of cancer or complications from treatment. It always reminds me that I am lucky. (Though when I’m feeling especially cynical, I will remember that if I was really lucky, I wouldn’t have gotten cancer in the first place. But I won’t complain.)

I was in the office where the majority of people waiting for appointments are still in treatment. I remember those days so well. If I really meditate on them, I can easily bring myself to tears. (I don’t typically meditate on them.)

The message for today?

Be grateful for your health. If it’s not the best, do something today — right now — to take care of it.

If you knew you would never be able to replace your car, you’d take good care of it.

You will never be able to replace your body.

Have a good weekend 🙂

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