two sides to a workout buddy

You’ve probably heard or read that having a workout buddy is a good motivator, and I agree.

If you have a friend or two and you’re all on the same page about what you’re doing (and how fast you’re doing it), exercising together is a great idea. It gives you

  • peer pressure (in a good way!)
  • company (better than an iPod!)
  • a place to socialize in a setting that doesn’t involve eating or drinking (except water)
  • someone(s) to help hold you accountable to your goals
  • someone(s) to celebrate milestones with

Depending on your personality, you’ll rank those differently (or add/subtract points from the list).

Just be careful about the flip side of a workout buddy. If they can’t join you, for whatever reason, are you still going to exercise? Are they reliable? I had a workout buddy for a while about 5 years ago, and she would cancel on me at the last minute for a wide variety of creative reasons. I’m sure some of them were completely valid, but “I’m going to visit my boyfriend” doesn’t fly, in my book. If I had decided, “Well, she’s not coming, so I’m going to skip it today” every time she cancelled, I wouldn’t have gotten much work done.

Last night when I was at the gym, I was foam rolling in the aerobics room. Two women came in, grabbed mats, and sat down. They sat and talked to each other for at least 15 minutes (the amount of time I was in the room). I didn’t follow them, so I have no idea if they ever did get to exercising, but you do want to make sure that even though you’re chatting, you’re still active. That’s the goal, isn’t it?

Any other thoughts on having an exercise buddy? Do you have one? Do you like it, or do you prefer to work out alone?

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