eating and the holidays…

I know, it’s a little early to be thinking or talking about the holidays, but I’m working on writing an 8-week course on not gaining weight between October 31 and January 1, to be completed ahead of time (yeah, that’s soon).

Basically, it’s this: you need a plan.  There will be food and drink around every corner for two months.  Even if you just grab a drink here, a cookie there, (to say nothing of the meals!) you’re likely to put on a couple of pounds.  (This Sunday’s links includes a post with a video about the futility of trying to exercise away your eating sins.  Look for it!)

Have a plan.  Set limits.  What are you going to eat?  How much?  How often?  Same with what you’re going to drink.

Also, practice mindful eating.  Really taste and savor everything that you eat.  A few bites can give you the same (or more!) satisfaction as a whole plateful.

That’s the gist.  But like any other skill, if you wait until you desperately need it to try to learn it, you’re probably not going to learn it well.  Now is a good time to start practicing!

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