can you avoid the drama?

Today was my first day back at work.  (I am a part-time self-employed personal trainer and a part-time elementary music teacher at an inner-city school.)  At my school, there is a ton of drama for a wide variety of reasons that do not involve children.  Add in students and their families, and it’s off-the-charts nuts.

For the past several years, I have been working full-time at this school, served on the School Improvement Team and the PTA equivalent.  I’ve worked on the schedule, state-mandated testing and other high-stakes tasks.  Plus, I’ve made work friends.

In other words, I have been one with the drama.

I have made a resolution not to be part of it this year, as much as possible.  Working there only part-time will help a lot.  But avoiding general venting sessions and “did you hear?” conversations will be a big part as well.  This will also mean that I will be less “in the know” about general happenings on campus … and that will take a little bit of adjusting to.  (OK, a lot of adjusting.)  But it’s worth it.

I anticipate that reducing exposure to work drama will substantially increase my general level of happiness and job satisfaction.  At what expense?  Office gossip.  That is a good deal.

Is there drama in your life?  Are there steps you can take to avoid some of it?  Do you think you’d be happier without it?


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