other people’s handiwork

Some really well-written, informational posts here today.  Click through!  (As always, all links will open in a new window.)

It’s Complicated from Miss Melanoma: The Official Site for the Fun Side of Cancer: My summary will not do this post justice, but I’ll summarize it anyway.  Go read it despite my writing about it.  After years of working on self-acceptance, she had somewhat of an epiphany about her body and its usefulness.

What Happens To Your Body Within an Hour Of Drinking A Coke from NutritionResearchCenter.org: A fairly short and fairly easy to understand explanation of the biomechanics behind your body coping with soda.

Re-Consider the Rules of Thumb You Use in Everyday Life from The Happiness Project: The author identified a list of beliefs that were integral to her daily life, then realized how they created tension, and worked (is working) to change some of them so her life flows more easily.

Chocolate Lover?  Ban words like indulge and treat from Eat What You Love, Love What You Eat: a nice explanation in the psychology of why considering foods “treats” hinders progress towards eating mindfully and healthfully.

Mindlessly Eating from Sustainable Life Blog: some tips on how to avoid mindless eating.

4 Running Setbacks and How to Handle Them from active.com: a short summary of which pains are OK to work through and which ones aren’t.

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