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Welcome to all coming over here via MizFitonline.com!

What’s going on here at Change Is Possible?  Basically, I’m all about making small changes to make yourself, your life what you want it to be.  I’ve been down the obesity path and have fought and beat cancer (see About tab for a bit more on me), and have completely turned my life around, one small step at a time.

Sometimes I write about the mental challenges of change, sometimes I write about exercise, about other health-related issues … topics really are not terribly restricted.  Saturdays, I post a vegetarian recipe that I like (sometimes they’re not vegetarian but I include the modifications I’ve made to them to make them vegetarian); Sundays I post links to things I’ve read throughout the week that I think fit the overall theme of the blog.

Here are a few of the posts that I like the best or feel the most strongly about, if you’d like a glimpse of the archives without reading all of them.  All links open in a new window.

Meatless Meals Round Up: page of links to all of the recipes posted so far

the dreaded lower back: because so many people have back problems, and the majority of them are really not that difficult to avoid

soreness and stretching

answering some questions about strength exercises

why are you eating?

My whole house is great!

DIY household cleaners


cancer rant

pants and the weight yo-yo

what is “normal”?

shoulders: yours are probably using energy you could use for other things…

salt water?  up my nose?  on purpose? the beauty of the Neti Pot

triathlon goodness: play-by-play of my most recent tri

five ugly words

improvement *is* the goal


OK that turned out to be more than “a few” but that’s OK.  Happy reading!  If you like what you’re seeing, please subscribe via e-mail or RSS!!


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