I hesitate to post this, but really, my motivation is just to talk about something that I’ve grown to love, and not to sell.  But since I know the contents are pure in intent, I decided to go ahead and post.  That said …

I love training with a trainer.  I had a session this afternoon — the first one I’ve had since late September.  My complete enjoyment of training had, over time, been shuffled to the back of my mind.  It has been shuffled right back up front!

What do I like about it, you might ask?

  • I like being pushed.  I will often work out hard on my own, but with someone else, harder.  And more consistent.
  • Together with that — I like having a little extra accountability.  I am less likely to blow off a workout if I know that in a few days, someone’s going to ask, “So what did you do this week?”  Also, since you shouldn’t lift weights on the same muscles on consecutive days, blowing off a weight-lifting day can screw up the whole week.
  • I like the social aspect.  Normally, I train alone.  Talking is often better than listening to music (as long as the talking doesn’t supercede the exercising!)
  • Together with that — I like partner exercises.  Since I usually train alone, exercises that require two people get knocked off the list.
  • I like learning new exercises.  It’s easy to go to the gym and do the same things over and over, which not only gets boring but it stops showing results.

Put all that together, and I have one excellent hour.

My previous trainer asked me at one point why I was training.  He knew that I knew how to exercise, how to get stronger, how to lose weight.  Why was I still training?  Because I loved it.  I considered it a hobby.  An expensive hobby, no doubt, but a hobby none-the-less.  It’s going back on the priority list.

I’ll post soon more on how often to lift weights and how to make sure your exercise routine continues to show you results.


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  1. Posted by Stephanie on 30 June 2010 at 06:12

    I have a sort-of related question, which may or may not be covered when you post about lifting weights: what about abs? how often? I tried to start doing some crunches yesterday and am sore today. I know I should live near you and pay for you to be my trainer but for now can I get this free answer 🙂 ?

    • Haha 🙂 I will cover that (I’ll post it tomorrow) but in the mean time — every other day is plenty. And stretch them. Stretch when you’re done your crunches, and stretch them now even though they’re sore.

  2. Thanks! If there’s anything you’d like to see here, let me know!

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