other people’s handiwork

I’ve renamed the Sunday links weekly feature.  “Other people’s handiwork” is a bit less dull.

It occurred to me recently … would a quick summary of the links be useful?  I’ll try it out here today.  Give me feedback.

As always, links all open in a new window.

Running 101: Take the First Step Today from active.com — The first steps (haha) you need to turn yourself into a runner with sections on Inspriation, Nutrition, Injury Prevention, Gear, and Training.

Running: Getting Started from MizFitOnline — One woman’s advice, given through the lens of been-there-done-that, on how to love running.

Living Deliberately from MizFitOnline — A powerful letter that a woman wrote to her one-year-ago self.  (Change is possible!)

Behavior from What I Learned Today — A moderately long but fascinating summary of a 1963 psychotherapy textbook.  “Kelly developed personal construct theory, which assumes a person’s processes are psychologically channelized by the ways in which he anticipates events.” A great potential tool if you’re looking to make changes to your life.

Eating Healthfully — A Long-Term Vision from Zen Habits — Teaching yourself to eat well for the long haul (no quick fixes!).

Why are flame retardants required in furniture, anyway? from Slate Magazine — This piggybacks on Lisa’s post from Friday.  It explains in more depth flame retardants, why they’re in furniture, and what they do.  Eye-opening.

Turning off the TV for Health and Healthy Weights from A Weight Lifted — TV’s correlation to various aspects of food, eating, weight loss, and weight retention.

Paint-By-Number or Masterpiece? from Calorie Count — healthy eating vs. restrictive eating via vocabulary lists.

Five Surprising Salt Sources in Food from NPR — the overwhelming majority of Americans take in far too much salt, but most of it isn’t from the shaker.

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