change through reading

About four or five years ago, I started reading a couple of finance blogs.  It was interesting to me to read what they were writing about most of the time, and I occasionally picked up a tip that I felt I could apply to my life.

As time as worn on, I’ve become much more in tune with financial decisions and my general mindset on money — where and how to both earn and spend — is changing.  I still read some of those initial blogs.  Some I’ve dropped and others I’ve picked up.

Our budget has changed and changed and changed again — we couldn’t find a method that was working for us.  Finally in December, we found a plan that we have fairly easily stuck to that has saved us a lot of money.  The Big Man doesn’t like me to share too many details, so I can’t brag too much here, but we’re both pretty excited about how things are looking right now.  Suffice it to say that with no income in June or July (we’re both teachers), barring an expensive unplanned event, we will be able to pay off his car when school starts again in the end of July (or when we start getting paychecks in August).  We could do it now, but it feels safer to have the cash on hand for six or seven more weeks, just in case.  There will be income from Second Chance FitCenter, but since that is in the startup stages, we have no idea who much that will be, so it’s not even in the budget right now.  The Big Man has been amenable to most financial changes that I’ve suggested, which has made everything possible so far — things here would be much different if we weren’t on the same page.

Why am I telling you all this?  Because all of this change was seeded just through reading — and reading that I was just interested in, not reading that I was looking to for research.

What are you looking to change?  Can you find reading material on it?  Books?  Magazines?  Blogs?  News articles?  Give yourself a daily infusion of people who are on a path similar to yours — they’re out there! — and one of people who are already where you want to be.  Over time, it seeps in.  Give it a try.

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