grilled meat

There is a lot of confusion about grilled meats, so it seems.  (For purposes of this post, “meat” includes flesh from mammals, birds, and fish.)

From the perspective of decreasing fat consumption, grilling meats is better than most (all?) other cooking methods, for a couple of reasons: you’re not cooking it in fat, and fat from within the meat itself drips off as it cooks.

Unfortunately, grilling meats significantly causes their carcinogen content to increase for a few different reasons.

When meats are cooked at high temperatures, chemicals within the muscles react and create carcinogenic compounds.

When meats are grilled, the fat drips off of them into the fire and flares up, causing different carcinogenic compounds to be released onto the meats.

The risk factor of eating meats prepared this way are for digestive tract cancers (stomach, colon, rectal) and breast cancers.

For more information, see here, here, and/or here.

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