two quick tips for not overeating at parties

It’s Memorial Day weekend, which means parties, BBQs, picnics — many events centered on food, eating, and drinking.

If you are going to one of these events and are watching your consumption (whether you’re counting calories or not), one plan of attack is to decide ahead of time what you will consume, and then stick to it!

If you are going with a partner (spouse, friend, child, etc.) and they are supportive of your changes, let them know what you’re planning to consume and ask for help.  You probably will not want them nagging you out loud in front of whomever you are with, so some sort of gesture or sign might be more fitting.

Also, it will be much easier not to munch mindlessly on food if you are not hanging out near it.  If you’re sitting at a table with a bowl of chips in front of you, you’re probably going to eat more chips than if you were seated somewhere else, out of arm’s reach of the chips.


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