Sunday update & links

Ahhhh…  I have two training appointments today, but that’s all that’s scheduled (and I have their training plans for today already worked out).  We have food for the week, laundry is done, other chores are done.  I do have to update the books and pay a couple of bills — the bank’s website was down for routine maintenance by the time I got to that yesterday.

So bills and training (which doesn’t feel like work, once I have the training plan worked out).  Otherwise, I’m planning to go to spin class and to spend some time on the porch swing with a book.  When I can pull off this “day of no work” thing, it is fabulous, and I feel much more relaxed and rejuvenated for Monday.  Hopefully as time goes on, I’ll get better at it…

While you anxiously await tomorrow’s post, enjoy some things that other people wrote:

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