Sunday update & links

 It happened again!  Finally!  We managed to keep the counter clear all week!  Actually, we had a party last weekend, so a lot of odds and ends that just hadn’t been put away yet got put away or thrown away, so most of the house is less cluttered.  Gave away some furniture.  Many other over-full spaces that I’m eyeing up, but my plate is too full right now to take on more de-clutter projects.  Maybe over the summer…

A day of rest continues to be elusive, but with company in town this weekend, as well as yesterday’s triathlon, the schedule is a little wonky.  I would like to cook up some entrees and freeze them for just such weeks.  Then we’d only need to shop for breakfast and lunch foods, and that’s much easier.

Just a few links for you this week:

Breaking the Link Between Toys and Food  from Live Fit Blog

Strategies for Indulgence from A Weight Lifted

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