getting stuff done

Well, this has nothing to do with eating or exercising, but it just might be useful anyway…

Generally, stuff gets done when there is tension.  Especially when it’s stuff that you don’t really want to do.  This is why so many people work well on deadlines.  Deadlines rearrange the priority list.

Have you ever had some chores around the house — say, dusting — and it just doesn’t get done and doesn’t get done and then your parents decide they’re coming into town and magically the dusting gets done?  Tension.  Now it needs to get done.

So if you have stuff around the house that needs to get done, see if you can figure out what will light the fire under your butt and make it happen.  For me, it’s typically having company.

Now that I have training clients to the house on a weekly basis, dirt, clutter and the like don’t get too out of hand.  But there is still a pile of stuff that needs to be sold/trashed/donated.  A neat pile, but a pile none-the-less.  Well, we’re hosting an end-of-the-season party for the community band we play in this weekend.  The pile needs to go.  There’s the tension.  (That’s not why we’re hosting the party — just a side effect thereof.)  There are a few other small things around the house that I’ll get done before people are here this weekend.

The following weekend, an old friend will be here from out of town.  Guest bath needs to be cleaned.

You see how this works?

What odds and ends have you had undone for a long time?  What can you do to create a deadline so that you’ll make it happen?

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