Sunday update & links

Well, this whole “keeping the kitchen counter clean” plan is not working.  I will need to do some scrutinizing as to why we are having such trouble with this task.  I will give some credit and say that even in these weeks that it hasn’t worked out, it’s been much cleaner than it has in the past.  So there is progress.

I have two training appointments today, along with some chores around the house.  😦  Getting everything done on Saturday is sometimes easier said than done!  Despite that, I anticipate some quality time on the porch swing with a book.  I also would like to hang new blinds in two rooms.  We’ll see…

Here are some articles and blog posts that you might enjoy or find interesting:

9 ingredients to avoid in processed food

The Darker Side of Fat Free Pringles from Live Fit Blog

Consumption of high-fructose corn syrup in beverages may play a role in the epidemic of obesity — not an easy read, but very interesting

Cutting the Cord to Materialism from Zen Habits

Six Reasons to Focus on Liking Yourself, and How to Do It from The Positivity Blog

Organic Food Health Facts — interesting (long) article on some of the ins and outs of organic produce


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