Sunday update

Cloth replacements for paper products in the kitchen still working well.  I’m also doing a better job of remembering to use a handkerchief when I use the NetiPot.

Wiping down the bathroom sink is still fabulously easy and pays huge dividends.  It’s been three weeks and the sink doesn’t look scummy at all.  I might wash it this weekend because looks clean ≠ is clean.  Unless something funky happens on this front, I’m not going to update about the sink rag any more.

Keeping the counter clean had moderate success.  You could argue that either it was clean or it wasn’t, in which case, no, it didn’t happen.  But The Big Man was sick this week, so his mail is piling up.  This is excusable.  I haven’t kept much on the counter, but I have just piled it in other places instead 😦  Will fix it!  Really, if I take five minutes when I get home to put away anything I brought home from work and to deal with my mail, there will be nothing on the counter (or in piles in other places).  I can do this!

Mrs. Money just posted a recipe for homemade deodorant.  I’d like to try it out.  Not sure if that will be this week, but it’s definitely on the list!

Let’s make Sunday updates more interactive.  Pick something that you want to work on this week that you’re comfortable posting — can be in any realm of life.  Post it in the comments, then come back next Sunday and report back for pats on the back and/or support.


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  1. Thanks so much for the link!

    I am bad about looks clean = clean. LOL I need to remember that is not true. 😉

    • I love your homemade recipes. I don’t always (read: ever) try them in a timely fashion, but they’re all on the to-do list….

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