Sunday update

I’m thinking that on Sundays, I’ll bring you all up to speed on how our modifications here have been going and get you ready for the upcoming week.

The last time we saw our heroine (oh come on, it’s fun!), she was ditching paper products in the kitchen.  We had a set of casual cloth napkins that we’d been given a while back, so those are in the napkin holder and have been working fine.  The paper towel roll is hiding 🙂 and a set of bar towels is in a basket right under where the paper towels used to be.

I don’t use paper towels much, but my hubby does.  (Let’s call him The Big Man, because he is, indeed, large.)  I noticed that the basket was untouched after nearly two weeks.  “Big Man, what are you using instead of paper towels?  Anything?”  Well, it turns out that some paper napkins that had been lying around from takeout were his wiping agent of choice.  So he can’t really chime in yet.  And for cleaning up dog puddles (which we have far too many of), there’s a box of old shirts and towels in the closet with the cleaner, which we’ve both been using.

As far as using a handkerchief when using my Neti Pot, I have been most but not all of the time.  They’re not in the kitchen with everything else, so I don’t always remember to go get one.

In the bathroom, we’ve been wiping off/out the sink after each use for the last two weeks, and it looks good!  This is definitely a keeper!

A small hot wash takes care of all of it on the weekend.  And actually, we were able to skip last weekend.  It has been easy to adapt to, and it hits the trifecta: better for the earth, better for the wallet, better for the body (I’ll get to why when I get more into chemicals).

My day of no work didn’t happen last weekend, for various reasons, but today, I have the day off 🙂

What we’re also attempting is to keep the kitchen counter clear.  The kitchen counter is pretty big, and it’s the first flat space we come to when coming in through the garage.  It easily becomes a dumping ground for everything, especially mail.  So before the end of the weekend, it will be clear of everything except that which lives there (phone, napkins, S&P shakers, etc.), and it will stay that way for the week.  Or at least, that’s the plan.  One week at a time.  We did this for about two weeks a few months ago, and it was great.  So nice to have uncluttered space!  So nice not to have to spend an hour on the weekend going through the mail!  But old habits die hard, and we didn’t do the new habit long enough for it to stick.  So we try again!

This week upcoming, I’m going to get back into eating as it relates to health and weight loss, perhaps touching on some less-than-savory chemicals that most of us are ingesting (or feeding to our kids) in large quantities.  If I don’t get to chemicals this week, they’re definitely on the docket for next week.

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