the hardest part of decreasing ice cream consumption

[This week’s theme is eating habits.]

I wrote about reducing the amount of ice cream I had been eating.

At first, it was difficult not to eat so much because it was habit.  I was used to it just being there whenever I wanted some.  And because I had it all the time, I wanted it all the time.

As I adapted to it not being always available, the more difficult part came — and this is the part that surprised me.

It was an affront to my identity.

I loved ice cream.  Everyone knew I loved ice cream and would eat it at any time with anyone who asked.  It was part of who I was.

“No, thanks,” was the most difficult thing to say when invited to go get a cone.  No?  What do you mean, no?

Fortunately, I was not often verbally assaulted by friends for not indulging.  It was hard anyway.  I was self-conscious.  It just wasn’t me.

By now, I am OK with declining an ice cream invitation, or suggesting an alternate activity.  I have other things that define me now.  Fortunately, they are healthier!

Is there anything in your life that you wanted to change but didn’t try or didn’t continue because you felt like you were changing an integral part of yourself?  Or because of how the people around you reacted?  Is it still something you want to change?  Can you do it?


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  1. Posted by Stephanie on 17 March 2010 at 15:18

    nothing specific- but similarly, everyone knows I am a junk food junkie and the cookie monster, etc., etc. People always know I am willing to accept any and all treats. I don’t really try to change this but I’m sure if I did, it would be rough at first.

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