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A friend of mine in grad school instituted a day a week of no work.  I don’t remember if it was Saturday or Sunday for her, but on those days, she did no school work, no house work, and no errands.  The other days became a bit more crowded, but she had an entire day to herself each week.

This is appealing.  I suspect it appeals to many.  With many projects going on (full time teaching, this blog, personal trainer training, dance lessons, concert band, jazz band, triathlon training), life is busy.  But if I could distribute one weekend day’s worth of stuff out over the rest of the week, I could have a play day.  The gym would still be on my to-do list, but I don’t consider that to be work or a chore.  But I could read, hang with friends, do something with my husband, and turn off the internal “you need to be doing ___.”  (For me, this is the worst with reading.  Right now, since I have a text book I am working on, I won’t pick up a novel until the studying is done and the exam is taken.)

Too late for this week just ending.  But with many of my commitments on hiatus this week upcoming, maybe that would be a possibility…

So I am going to shoot for a chore/work-free Sunday next weekend, since I am obligated to a school event all day on Saturday.  I have a mini-triathlon in the morning (well, if it’s still open for registration…) but no other commitments.  It will take some planning — at which I am sometimes great and sometimes terrible — but it has potential.

I will report back on Monday next week.  In the mean time, the theme this week is eating.  Or not eating.  Or overeating.

Can you add a little more to each day to free up one day each week?  What about just freeing up half of a day each week?


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  1. Posted by Stephanie on 14 March 2010 at 09:05

    I am always tinkering with my schedule to find the least stressful set-up (and I know that changing the routine all the time makes it not a routine and leads to stress). I have tried leaving the office at a reasonable hour and taking things home for a change of pace, at-least-I-can-do-it-in-my-sweats-without-my-coworkers-bothering-me. However, then I find myself angry that I am doing work in the evenings and on the weekends. The times I have forced myself to stay later and do more on weekdays, and then given myself “time off” on the evenings and weekends, I have felt alot better- free as a bird.

    • I haven’t thought about my schedule much at all, except for meal-planning on the weekends and putting most of my lunches together the night before. This will be an interesting attempt…

  2. This is something I need to do too. Thanks for the post!

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